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Funding Ecosystem & Tribe

Applications for Cohort 2 Close on August 31st

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(and you could do with more healthy value flows into your work or project)

In short, we're connecting the best regenerative projects on the planet with conscious funding sources

Our Mission: To fund projects that help us navigate
the path from collapse to emergence.

This ecosystem is the quickest path to new financing models for regeneration,
without the limitations imposed by traditional financing in the for-profit world.

Join the Second Cohort, starting on August 31st, 2023

Why is this ecosystem even needed now?

What challenges does it solve?

The best way to think of the ecosystem
is a three-sided "container" of:
1. Investor-donors,
2. Practitioners
3. Culture

Conscious rainmakers (individuals with excess financial capital) want to connect with projects like yours AND have no desire to support traditional charitable and philanthropic projects. (These are projects that merely attempt to address symptoms of systemic breakdown.) They want to get to know you, within the context of the transcendent culture slowly emerging.

These conscious rainmakers know -- just like you do -- that truly regenerative projects can NEVER be profitable.

These exceptional individuals are super-sensitive about avoiding problematic power dynamics that money often introduces. They are also aware that wealth is often related to our past colonial culture. They want to move past these realities, to connect -- at a heart level -- with individuals like you and projects like yours. They want to connect within a culture that allows individuals to express themselves and communicate with others in new ways. 

We know this sounds too good to be true, but people like this really do exist. They just don't have the time to filter through the many -- quite frankly dull and boring -- requests for their time and money. 

Just like a matchmaking service, this program prepares you (and the rainmaker) for a meaningful, heart-centred 'first date'.

One more thing to add...

We have learned that there are many blind spots en route towards systemic regeneration, despite our best intentions.  All of us approach regeneration based on our genes, ethnicity, race, gender, age, place of residence, past experience, and a thousand other factors, especially the culture that we grew up in. We act on what we believe to be true, provable or not. 

In other words, culture is a technology. That is something worth pondering. 

So, an objective of the ecosystem is the nurturing of an entirely new culture. This culture cannot adequately be defined just yet, but there are signs of it emerging everywhere. 

One of the outcomes from each cohort is a deeper understanding of what an emergent culture might look like... when it is based on the collective intelligence of the group. Nothing is imposed in a top-down fashion. Instead, it is co-participative and doesn’t seek to align based on a preconceived program or protocol. It is always emergent, and harmonizes towards allostasis, or "stability through constant change".

So, you may be passionate about, for example, agroforestry or permaculture or water retention or waste management or carbon sequestration or circular economies or decentralised governance or degrowth or decolonialism or a host of other out-of-the-ordinary (for now) ways of being. Your passion is the reason you're invited into the ecosystem. You're being invited into a gathering of similarly passionate people with aligned approaches and solutions. 

The magic, however, lies in the process of a constantly evolving and emerging culture, formed with these like-minded yet diverse and exceptional human doings.

The Ecosystem for Regenerative Funding (ERF) is more than traditional project funding.
It's about healthy value flows in and through a healthy culture. 

This is how we build the surest path from collapse to emergence.

Participants in the dialogues and the ecosystem acquire new communication skills that augment their capabilities and connections to generate a new Earth that is at peace with itself and all living beings. Join us…


Second Cohort: August 31st, 2023

Applications are now open for our next cohort, starting on the next full moon (this time a blue moon), August 31st 2023. All calls will be held at 19:00GMT, to cater for AsiaPac and US participants (unless agreed otherwise by the cohort). All calls are recorded.

Each cohort is limited to 100 participants.


Your investment is a self-determined amount for participation in all nine dialogues. There are two standard amounts:

However, if that seems too high or too low for you, you may choose another amount. If your budget is genuinely tight, please choose less with our sincere blessing. If you are fortunate to afford more, go ahead and increase the amount to a level more in line with other programs of this nature. Your generosity helps us cover the costs for those performing a labor of love and who cannot afford the program costs.

We trust you to choose an amount that:

What You Receive

What Happens After You Secure Your Place?

When you click the SECURE YOUR PLACE button below, you will be directed to our secure payment processor, Stripe.com. There you'll complete your details.

Once your payment has been processed you'll receive an immediate confirmation email and receipt from Stripe.  

Note that there is no automated email from us, but you will receive a manual invitation to register on the community learning platform within 24 hours. 

We look forward to our co-creative journey together. Even more important, we look forward to hearing about your 'first date'!

What You'll See...

When you click the button above, a new screen will open on our secure payment provider's site, Stripe.com. The image to the left shows you what to expect. 

Our Audacious Risk-Free Guarantee

This journey is 100% emergent. It is fun, yet unpredictable. You as a participant shape the journey and we never know what to expect. This level of emergence and uncertainty can be uncomfortable for some. That said:

We'd like you to be 100% satisfied with this program!

Our Cancellation Policy

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, even though we cannot guarantee what will happen on the journey.


If you don’t absolutely LOVE this program, simply contact our Support Team before the commencement of Dialogue 9, and we will gladly issue you a full refund.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about the Community Learning Platform?

We have a private community group for all program participants that will provide you the opportunity to make connections with others, share insights, participate in discussions and exchange information about events and other activities that will complement your journey into the ecosystem. You’ll have the capacity to contribute your intentions, wisdom, experiences, projects, and growth there throughout the program. It is not hosted on any existing social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

Are the dialogues live?

Yes. We have structured the program so that the participants themselves determine the outcome of each cohort. Recordings will be available within 24 hours. You have 60 days access to the recordings from the conclusion of the program. You may download these recordings to watch at your convenience and enjoy lifetime access to them.

What is the program schedule?

The first call will take place on Thursday, August 31st, 2023 at 19:00GMT. Subsequent calls will be weekly, to allow you time to assimilate each dialogue. The exact schedule will be determined by voting, taking into account the time zones of all participants.

What is your refund policy?

We are so confident that this (unpredictable) program will be enriching, rewarding and fun that we offer a full (100%) refund if for any reason you choose to withdraw from the program before the commencement of dialogue number 9 (the final dialogue). Your refund will be processed unconditionally, and we’ll send you an email confirming your refund.

If you have any questions about our refund policy or wish to withdraw and request a refund, please notify our Support Team by email at hello@michaelhaupt.com. To request a refund, please include “Refund Please” in the Subject Line. We also hope you’ll share with us your reasons for wishing to withdraw.

Optimally we would love to have a chance to address and resolve your concerns first, so if there is something we can assist you with, please email us at hello@michaelhaupt.com, and we’ll be happy to help.

No refund requests can be accepted 1) after the start date of dialogue 9, or 2) for partial scholarship awards.

How can I reach Customer Support?

Please write to hello@michaelhaupt.com.

What is the Certificate of Completion?

This is a document you can print, showing that you have completed the course. It is something that our funding network requires. It is something you can share to illustrate your understanding of the outcomes of the program. It may help to include on a resume, or to include in your own personal social profiles to highlight a specific area of expertise.

Do I have to have a project underway already?

Not at all! We know that there are so many people just like you with really, really good systemic solutions, but you cannot get out of the starting gate because you cannot secure funding. This program opens the door to the healthy value flows that you need to get going.

Are there scholarships or discounts available?

We have a limited number of partial scholarships and an even fewer number of full scholarships available.  Please complete the scholarship form to be considered.

If you are registering from any country in the southern hemisphere (commonly referred to as 'the Global South') please enter the following voucher code before checking out: GLOBALSOUTH.

How is ERF different to similar initiatives like Regenerative Development Group and Regen Ecosystem Fund?

Our primary focus is mechanisms for extracting ourselves from a debt-based monetary system. So, we do not provide traditional venture capital funding or loans with an expectation of interest repayment. We are exploring creative ways of stimulating healthy value flows from what is collapsing into what is emerging. From that perspective, we are very different to most current regenerative funding programs.

As far as crypto is concerned, we have noticed that many crypto tokens (Bitcoin especially) replicate some of the design flaws inherent in current fiat currencies. So, while we are curious about crypto, we are more interested in exploring creative ways to create an economy based on shared values and mutual blessings.

Is this an incubator/accelerator program?

Absolutely not. Incubators and accelerators are programs designed to help you succeed in a debt-based monetary system. We explore avenues out of a debt-based monetary system. You might want to read the previous question about how we're different to other funding programs for more details.

How many rainmakers are in the ecosystem already?

Let us be frank: the rainmaker ecosystem is very small at present

This is a chicken and egg situation: rainmakers want to see that we can pull together a portfolio of meaningful systemic projects, while project initiators want to see evidence of funding potential. Who is brave/trusting enough to make the first move?

That said, fundamental to this entire process is creating the opportunities for projects to meet and build relationships with conscious rainmakers already 'in the culture' (in the old days, we would say 'in the network'). That is our singular focus. 

The level of trust required for early Cohorts is significantly higher than for later Cohorts, who will step into a well-established culture. That's why we've offered what we believe to be reasonable pricing for early Cohorts. 

The entrance ticket into the ecosystem will likely increase as the value of the culture we co-create increases.

My particular approach is XYZ. Would the program be useful to me?

If your approach is generally bottom-up, rather than top-down AND you have struggled to raise funding for your approach, the program is ideal for you.

If you're not looking for funding, it's probably not that useful at this stage (although you would still learn a LOT about the regenerative culture that's emerging).

What will be covered in the dialogues?

The program consists of 9 structured dialogues with introductory content prior to each dialogue. Each dialogue is fully participatory and we make use of Zoom breakout rooms to achieve a level of intimacy.

(We are still updating this FAQ, including preparing an overview video, so this is just a guideline).

Section 1 - The Past

This section gives clarity on how we got here. Only by understanding our past culture can we navigate a future culture.

Dialogue 1 - Patterns in History

Dialogue 2 - How Worldviews Change

Dialogue 3 - How Civilizations End

Section 2 - The Present

Dialogue 4 - How We Got Here

Dialogue 5 - Our Clash of Worldviews

Dialogue 6 - The Emerging New Game

Section 3 - The Future

Dialogue 7 - About Healthy Value Flows from the Old to the New

Dialogue 8 - Your Unique Purpose

Dialogue 9 - Finding Your Tribe 

What is Michael's personal journey and how did it lead to the creation of this program? Can I trust the claims Michael makes?

This is probably the most important question you could ask about this program, thank you!

Michael's journey has been extraordinary. We are still preparing a video that adequately addresses his story. In the interim, here is a very basic video recorded for a different project that tells his story. You will have to ignore the references to projects not associated with ERF. 🙏

What You'll See...

When you click the button above, a new screen will open on our secure payment provider's site, Stripe.com. The image to the left shows you what to expect.